To provide high quality, accessible and effective interior design and interior decoration solutions to personal clients and industry professionals.


To become a brand with a recognised identity that links chic interiors with quality, accessibility, and high ethical standards.

To offer competitive interior design solutions to individuals.

To provide an effective temporary staff solution to industry professionals.

To produce, distribute and sell unique hand-drawn illustrations.

To promote the beautiful artisan textiles from Venezuela in the European market.

To inspire other people that also lost their job during the COVID-19 epidemy, that fresh ideas and hard work can pay off.



From our customer service to our final deliverable – our clients are our number one priority and we ensure that all our services and products comply with high quality standards. 


 We offer competitive prices for our services that challenge the industry standards, but do not compromise the quality of our delivery.


 We present successful solutions. We are practical, transparent and we are not afraid to challenge ideas or a present creative approach, when required. 


We are passionate about design. We aim to inspire, ourselves and our clients, with every project we get involved in. 

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