The company

We are a multi-disciplined team of talented and driven interior designers. 

Our origin story is not the most exciting. We are the product of the unfortunate COVID-19 circumstance; a group of successful freelance interior designers whose full-time employment in different renowned studios did not survive beyond the furlough scheme period.

We did not let that bring us down. Instead, we have decide to see it as the opportunity to go in a different direction and propose an alternative solution within the interior design industry. 

We understand there is a before and an after COVID. As an individual and as a business, we all have been affected differently. One of the economic impacts means that luxury items or industries like Interior Design and Interior Decoration have taken a big hit. 

But that does not stop the world going round. We all still want to live in a beautiful place.

As an individual, you might be looking for a reasonably priced interior design solution but find that the market’s prices are too high, or the quality is just not sufficient. As an industry professional, you may require a few helping hands with your current projects without it severely affecting your bottom line.

Our team has a range of skills and successful stories under their sleeve over their years of experience in the industry, waiting to be put into practice to help you. We offer a tailored solution to your interior design requirements and aim to deliver an outstanding result, every time.

The Founder

 Johanna Endres-Castillo is an interior designer and illustrator.  

Originally from Venezuela, Johanna has been living in London since 2010. After a few years working as marketing manager in the financial industry, she decided to follow her passion and change careers, training as an interior designer at the renowned KLC School of Design. She has since worked with renowned high-end interior design studios in London. 

With over five years' experience in luxury Interior design and a previous over eight years’ career in marketing and public relations, Johanna understands that every client and project is unique. She thrives in diving into those particularities and coming up with tailored solutions that fits them right. She strongly believes that adaptability is the key to meeting a client’s vision.

However different solutions, when it comes to interiors, they will all follow three main principles that reflect Johanna’s personal aesthetics: practicality of the design, a predilection for light and soft spaces, and the refined use of colour and textures.

Johanna has led different size projects that have range from London home residences to hotels in Italy and Villas in the Caribbean. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, she has a customer-driven approach and finds rewarding to work in close collaboration with her clients, building trust and generating beautiful results.


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